Strong fasteners make strong crates!

  • Galvanized spring steel wire crate clips are strong and reusable again and again.
  • Our clips are safer and have triple the holding power of nails.
  • Efficient box assembly time is reduced to minutes with each clip replacing 5-6 nails, disassembly is even faster not having to pull nails or screws.

About our Crates

Snap together fasteners: quick assembly and disassembly with clips, no nails or screws.

Collapsible:  saves warehouse space and return shipping cost.

Reusable:  financial and labor savings with the added benefit of being a green environmental option.

Customizable:  manufactured to your specific needs with custom anchors and supports available.

Stock sizes available fast:  standard crate products ready to ship within 24-48 hours.

Standard Size Crates

Custom Size Crates

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Shipping Crates USA - Snap Together Wood Shipping Crates

We are a manufacturer of collapsible, stackable, reusable shipping crate systems. Our crates have features not found in other wooden crate systems. Our crates are designed using plywood for strength and product protection. Choose from our selection of standard crates or request a quote for custom crates manufactured to meet your exact specifications. We can also provide interior dunnage/cribbing for specialized parts and equipment.