Deliberate Design

Our crates are strong and simple by design.  With minimal pieces we have created a shipping crate that uses joinery common to fine cabinetry and furniture.  Combine this joinery with our unique snap together system and you have a crate that is top of the line in quality and usability.  The precision fit and material of our crates will make a lasting first and continued impression on your customers as they receive your product in extraordinary crates.

Each of our crates is made up of a durable pallet base with blocks that are solidly attached, fork lift or pallet jack ready. The crate panels are manufactured from 3/4" plywood with precision routed joints and slots. This design, which incorporates snap together clip hardware, allows our wooden shipping crates to be easily disassembled, stored flat, and reassembled without the need for a skilled carpenter.  For assembly, no tools are required.  For disassembly, a screw driver to easily "pop" the clips is needed.  Simple and fast. 

CRATESUSA is able to supply you with exceptional crates that are competitively priced by merging our innovative design with our high tech manufacturing equipment.

Keep your business moving with  CRATESUSA!


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